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Example bibliography [1]
That Conferences is about Emberjs, a great Javascript Framework which remove the boilerplate in your code and create a nice architecture for your code (based in MVC). For that conferences just gonna be explain basic features about this framework wwith the idea to create a good base to advance features.


  1. What is ember?
  2. Little History
  3. EmberJS MVC
  4. More Objects Types and Other Stuff
  5. Why use EmberJS?
  6. Excercises
  7. Thanks


Backbones vs Ember

I think is better listening that radio postcast with Jeremy Ashkena (Backbones) and Yehuda Katz (EmberJS)
004 JSJ Backbone.js with Jeremy Ashkenas

Example codes

External Links

Objects and Views
Object With Binding
MVC Example

1. Bell, J.; Hewish, A.; Pilkington, J. D. H.; Scott, P. F.; and Collins, R. A. [Link]
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