Getting Started


We are changing!
The new Goal for wiki Koombea is to strengthen the working group knowledge with information that comes from each person's projects. Everyone in our company is working on a project. It is important that we share the ideas, research and new libraries of information with the rest of Koombea. This wiki is where we will collect everything in one place to help teach our new employees and partners.

Who created all these information?

Anyone at Koombea can access this wiki as a wiki koombea member and create or modify pages( obviously with a template page ).


The contents will be separated in the company areas:
Web Development
Mark up

The principal categories in each area will be as follows:
• Agenda
• Best Practices
• Conferences
• Contribution Documents
• Knowledge Base
• Tips
Notes: Each category can be renamed. New categories and subcategories can be added as needed.

Wait, tell me what to write. I don't understand.

Most of the time, any new information you put in this wiki will come from problems that occur during your project. If you solved or implemented something new and you found that your knowledge can help some else, you are ready to add new information in this wiki :)

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